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Established 2004. Brewer Casper Møller The bottled beers for grocery trade are brewed at the Van Pur brewery in Polan.    

Ahornbryg - forårsbock
Added maple syrup.  
3,0, red, drawing of maple leaf and syrup jar, "Brygget med Skovens Råvarer", 5,5% - - 2013 Skovlyst AhornBryg

Bière Rouge

Barley Wine. Added berries from the wood.

3,0, red, drawing of a brewery in a forrest and berries, Limited Edition, "Brygget med Skovens Råvarer", 12,0% - - 2008 Skovlyst Biere Rouge

Among the first officel bottelbeers. Pilsner. Added birch molasses to make the beer unsually.
1,M,II, gren, drawing of a brewery in a forrest. In the bottom og birchtwig, "BirkeBryg", 5,2% - - 2008 Skovlyst Egebryg

Saisonbrew january - february 2007. Smoked beer. The malt is smoked on oak- and beechwood. There are also used wheat- and munichmalt. Horizon and Liberty hops.
3,0, light brown, drawing of a brewery in a forrest. In the bottom acorn, "Egebryg", 5,8% - - 2007 Skovlyst Egebryg

Frugtøl Citron & Hyldeblomst
Mix of beer at fruit drink.
44,M,II, light yellow, drawing of lemon and elderberryflowers, "Frugtøl", 2,5% - - 2014 Skovlyst Frugtøl

Frugtøl Solbær & Skovbær
Mix of beer at fruit drink.
44,M,II, light red, drawing of blackcurrant and Fruits of the Forest, "Frugtøl", 2,5% - - 2014 Skovlyst Frugtøl

Grizzly Ultra Stout
Russian Imperial Stout - vintage release.
27,0,VIII, black, drawing of a Grizzly bear, MMXVII, 12% - - 2017 Skovlyst Grizzly

Hindbær Tripel
Limited edition. Brewed with bears from Rokkedyssegård.
46,0, bordeauxred, drawing of wild raspberries, Hindbær Tripel, 7,0% - - 2014 Skovlyst Hindbær Tripel

Hubertus Tripel
Special edition. Brewed with barley, wheat, oatmeal and rye.
46,0, 75cl, bordeauxred, drawing of a deer, Hubertus Tripel, 8,0% - - 2014 Skovlyst Hubertus Tripel

India Pale Ale

Introduced 2006. Five sorts of hops from England and USA.

3,M, II, red, drawing of a brewery in a forrest, 6,5% - - 2010 Skovlyst India Pale Ale


Introduced 2008. Seconddary fermentation with different nots Sirup and pine. Spiced with Cinamon.

3,M, II, red, drawing of a brewery in a forrest with snow, "Mørk Ale", 6,5% - - 2011 Skovlyst Biere Rouge

German inspirered festival lagerbeer. Malt and yeast are importered from Germany. First on bottle as a Limited Edition in 2009, was before that only on cask.
3,M, II, red, drawing of a brewery i autumn colors, "Høstfest", 5,0% - - 2012 Skovlyst Biere Rouge

With elderflower and Fruits of the Forest

3,AN, I, 33cl, weak red, drawing of elderflower and fruits of the forest, 2,7% - - 2013

Skovlyst SkovbærHvede

With elderflower and grape.

3,AN, I, 33cl, yellow, drawing of elderflower and grapefruits, 2,7% - - 2012

Skovlyst SommerHvede

Stag Brew
Anniversary Barley Wine. Barlemalt, glukose, mais.

27,0,27, 75cl, black, drawing of a deer with wood antlers, Barley Wine, MMXVI, 12% - - 2016

Skovlyst Stag Brew

Tripel Blonde
Belgisk Ale.

3,AN, I, 33cl, yellow, drawing of a monk and a monastory, 8,3% - - 2013

Skovlyst Tripel Blonde


27,0, 75cl, black, drawing of a wolf, MMXIX, 12% - - 2019

Skovlyst Wolf