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Nørrebro Bryghus  



Founded 2003. In 2006 was Nørrebro Bryghus II, also called Cosmo, established, from where the beers are bottled. Brewmaster Anders Kissmeyer. From there was in 2008 introduced beer with the label, Baldersbrønde Bryggeri.

Brewmasger at founder was Anders Kissmeyer. He is now bougth out.



Bombay Pale Ale
On bottle march 2006. Brewed on Marris Otter malt.
21,S,I, 60 cl, orange-white, "star" in yellow and red, 6,5 % - - 2006 Nørrebro Bombay Pale Ale

Düsseldorfer Weihnacht
Ecologic Altbier.
21,0,I, 40 cl, redbrown-black, "star", 5,8 % - - 2018 Nørrebro Düsseldorfer Weihnacht

Furesø Framboise
Ecologic raspberrybeer.
21,S,I, 60 cl, pink-white, "star" in pink and light gray, 5,0 % - - 2009 Nørrebro Furesø Framboise

Gamle Københavner
Bavarian Lager.
89,89, 33 cl, dark blue, "star" in pink and dark red, 4,5 % - - 2019 Nørrebro Gamle Københavner

Nordvest Porter
Barley and outsl.
89,89, 33 cl, dark brown, "star" in light gray and white, 7,0 % - - 2019 Nørrebro Nordvest Porter

Nørrebro Julebryg
On bottle november 2006. First on tap in 2003. It was the first beertype the brewery made by them self. Brewed by barley-, wheat- and ryemalt. German Perle as bitterhops and american Willamette as flavourhops. Also added some spices.
21,S,I, 60 cl, Redbrown-white, "star" in lightblud and lightbrown, 7,0 % - - 2006 Nørrebro Julebryg

Ravnsborg Rød
On bottle march 2006. A variant of the classic british Amber or Red Ale. There is used Amarillo hops.
21,S,I, 60 cl, Redbrown-white, "star" in light and dark brown, 5,5 % - - 2006 Nørrebro Ravnsborg Rød

Stuykman Wit
Belgian wheattype, brewed on ecological pilsnermalt and wheat. Spiced with coriands and Seville orange.
21,S,I, 60 cl, yellow-white, "star" in bluegray and darkyellow, 5,0 % - - 2009 Nørrebro Stuykman Wit

Stjernestund Klosterøl
Belgian Bruin
21,0,I, 40 cl, redbrown-white, "star" in light and dark brown, 5,7 % - - 2015 Nørrebro Stjernestund Klosterøl